We engineer wireless controls for lighting and electrical systems. Our wireless controls speed up the installation of energy-saving control systems. Built-in flexibility makes future updates simple. We work with agencies & distributors on a global scale. 

Featured Products

Self-Powered Wireless Light Switch

ILLUMRA Self-Powered Wireless Light Switches are completely wireless and battery-free. This offers unique flexibility in installation.

 5A On/Off Controller

The ILLUMRA 5A On/Off Fixture Controller is a line-voltage controller that allows lights to be controlled by ILLUMRA switches, occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and gateways to implement power saving strategies.


Energy Savings

Businesses can reduce annual energy costs by 20% with updated controls.

Fast Installation

Avoid disrupting business operations by installing controls quickly during off hours.

Unique Applications

Wireless controls install in places where wired controls cannot, creating new opportunities for saving.


Energy Harvesting

Solar-power and motion sensors are designed to save energy by turning down lights automatically.

Self-Powered and Wireless

Wireless switches and sensors are powered by kinetic and solar energy and do not require wiring.

Energy Code Compliance

Complying with current government energy codes California Title 24 and ASHRAE 90.1


Easy Configuration

Android & iOS app available for adjusting lighting configuration.

Wireless Internet of Things

ILLUMRA provides wireless solutions for EnOcean, ZigBee, and Bluetooth powered IoT systems.

Building Management System Integration

Easy integration with your building management system using BACnet protocol.

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