Application Notes

ILLUMRA products have been used as solutions for many applications. Browse through the links below to see some examples of what is possible. Please click on the text or the photo to download an application note or follow the links further down the page to view Green Solutions, More Applications, or Wiring Diagrams.


Store Bi-Level Lighting 

Save energy and enhance lighting control through our wireless controls.

Conference Room Lighting Controls

Put a light switch anywhere with our wireless switch kit. Small conferences rooms have great applications.


Green Solutions 

Not only do the wireless controls make it easy to reduce energy consumption - but they also eliminate the need to use drywall or paint.

Radiator Energy Savings 

Reduce energy consumption from radiators through our wireless actuator and related controls.

Small Office Occupancy Based Zone Lighting 

The wireless occupancy sensors can be used for zone lighting in small office spaces.

Classroom Occupancy Based Zone Lighting 

Retrofit any classroom with light dimming controls. Divide lights by area to create the ultimate dimming effect.


Arena Based Zone Lighting

View an example of how to use our wireless controls in an indoor sports arena.

Hotel Energy Savings

Our innovative key card holder is a great way to control energy consumption created by hotel occupants and their HVAC usage.


Wiring Diagrams 

Use our wiring diagrams to help map out any lighting project. See how everything will work before beginning the project. 

Retail LED Lighting


Increase lighting and dimming control through our wireless LED dimmer and wireless remote controls.


Large Office Occupancy Based Zone Lighting


Take the same applications from our small office example and place them in a larger office area.

More Applications 


See common applications for our wireless energy controls.