Wireless LED Control

Install LED fixtures faster with Illumra wireless controls.

We are a leading provider of self-powered wireless LED control systems including motion and daylighting sensors, dimming and relay controllers, and wireless switches. Energy code compliant controls are available with ILLUMRA branding or private label branding. ILLUMRA products are trusted for private label by multi-national firms and also many national OEM fixture manufacturers who sell additional projects with ILLUMRA controls bundled with their packages.

Energy Code Compliance
ILLUMRA products facilitate compliance with California Title 24 and ASHRAE 90.1. Daylighting and motion sensors are designed to save energy by turning down lights automatically. The Salt Lake City International Center office building implemented required motion sensors using ILLUMRA products.

Happier Customers
ILLUMRA controls use wireless transmissions to send control signals to lights. Wireless, battery-free light switches can be installed anywhere without any wiring whatsoever. An automotive manufacturing plant in Tennessee installed 400 LED fixtures without affecting production by completing the installation over 3 weekends.

More Projects 
In situations where wiring is impractical, wireless controls can be installed instead. ILLUMRA wireless controls enabled The City of New York to install code compliant lighting controls while avoiding asbestos remediation by keeping all work below the ceiling.

Easy Configuration
Use our mobile application to configure lighting zones and behavior. Each of our devices has a unique barcode to scan and program individually to a wireless controller.

Private Labeling
All our products are available with your logo, bundle controls to sell with your fixtures. With no effort on your part, products will be shipped with your logo on the label and shipping box. The mobile app will show your logo.

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