Smart Lighting Bluetooth Fixture Controllers

ILLUMRA Smart Lighting Bluetooth & Fixture-Based Lighting Controls

The ILLUMRA Bluetooth and fixture-based lighting controls is our smart lighting system that is easily managed and operated via our Apple's iOS and Android mobile apps.

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Mobile App Functionality

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Daylight Harvesting

Automatically dim lights when enough daylight is present. This can save 10% to 60% percent in electricity costs.

Time Clock Scheduling

Automatically dim or turn lights off at select times of the day. Reduce electricity costs by 10% to 35% by ensuring lights are not wasting energy when they are not needed.

High-End Trim

All spaces do not need the full brightness of their light fixtures. For example: the human eye notices only a small difference between 100% and 80% brightness and the electricity usage and cost can be reduced by 20% or more.

Occupancy Sensing

Occupancy sensors automatically turn off or dim due to the lack of movement in a space. Bluetooth wireless technology allows sensors to be installed in minutes with no additional wiring. These are also an ideal solution for retrofit applications. Sensors can reduce lighting/electricity use from 15% to 60%.

Personal Control

This allows individuals to control the full range of light dimming directly over their workstations. This often results in energy savings of 10% or more while improving productivity, reading eye strain and computer glare.

Energy Savings

Utilizing products with features like these in combination, can result in savings of up to 60% or more. And, since lights emit heat, these lighting controls can also reduce HVAC usage. For this reason it is proper to estimate that for every 3-watt reduction in lighting power, there is a 1-watt reduction in cooling load.


Combine light fixtures into groups so that motion under any fixture brightens or turns on lights for the entire group.

QR-Code User & Admin Access

User or Admin access to the system is secured through encryption and can be shared through QR code images which can be emailed or printed for access by building occupants or technicians.

Compatible ILLUMRA Products

  • BTX-DUV-10V-FX - Bluetooth 0-10V Power Pack
  • BTX-DUV-CCTFX - Bluetooth Color Temp Control Dual 0-10V Power Pack
  • BTX-DUV-OCC - Bluetooth External Fixture Sensor
  • BTX-S5BWH - Bluetooth wall switch station