Bluetooth Mesh Motion & Light Fixture Sensor

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The BTX-DUV-OCC is an Advanced Network Control for light fixtures that uses Bluetooth mesh communication for fixture to fixture grouping, wireless switch communication and mobile app based commissioning.  The Fixture sensor is perfect for automatic lighting control in high or low bay applications with 2 lenses included for mount heights of 15-40 ft or 7-15 ft (2.5-15m)  Each unit includes a light sensor for Daylight harvesting to minimize energy use when sufficient ambient light is available. Mobile apps for either iOS or Android allow configuration of operating parameters, grouping, and schedules. No gateway is needed as the Fixture Sensors communicate directly with the mobile app.  The system uses encrypted communications with security credentials shared through QR Codes for either Admin or User access. No passwords, or web access is needed or supported. All configuration is performed with direct communication with the Fixture Sensor through the mobile app.

  • iOS and Android App based commissioning
  • Scene recall
  • Walk Test mode to confirm coverage area
  • Line voltage 0-10V dimming Advanced Network Control
    • High end trim - adjust maximum light level
    • Vacancy / Occupancy sensor to dim then turn off
    • Fixture Grouping with Bluetooth mesh wireless communication
    • Daylight harvesting
    • Scheduling - time based on/off or scene recall



Voltage Supply 120, 240, 277 VAC 50/60 Hz
Max Load 6 Amps, 600W for LED driver only
0-10V sink 20mA
Mounting Height 8-45 ft (2.5 - 15 m)
Approvals UL8750 Safety
FCC Part 15
IP65 - Dry or Damp Location
Surge Protection L-N 1KV, L&N- PE 2KV
Dimensions 3.91’’ x 4.03’’ x 2.07’’
Operating Temperature -40 to ~115 ºF (-40 to +45ºC)
Ambient Light Level Range 30-2500 Lux