Bluetooth Mesh Power Pack

Part Numbers:

BTX-DUV-CCTFX Dual Channel.

Dimming and color tuning at 0-10V.

BTX-DUV-10VFX Single Channel.

Dimming at 0-10V.

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This Bluetooth Mesh Power Pack is a BLE based smart lighting system.
It has APP for both IOS and Android devices to manage and operate the BLE smart lamps and devices by smart phone.

The BTX-DUV-10VFX is best suited for small areas like classrooms, conference rooms and private offices.

Our wireless bluetooth switches are compatible with this device.


  • Bluetooth for grouping, switch and app control
  • Line voltage 0-10V dimming and On/Off Advanced Network Control
    • High End Trim
    • Grouping w/ fixture to fixture BT mesh
    • Scheduling with real time clock
    • Optional Vacancy / Occupancy sensor


Single Channel
Dual Channel
Supply Voltage 120-277 VAC 50/60 Hz
Max Voltage 3A
70 A Inrush current
Dimensions 3.22’’ x 1.71’’ x 1.25’’
CCT Tunable No Yes
Current 3A Max
Operating Temperature -13° to +149°F (- 25° to + 65°C)
Approvals UL 8750
FCC Part 15