A Sneak Peek: ILLUMRA Climate Controls

ILLUMRA previewed its soon-to-be released thermostat at the recent AHR Expo 2009 in Chicago. The new thermostat provides quick and easy implementation of energy saving HVAC controls without running any new wire. The EnOcean compatible thermostat plays a key role in allowing energy saving ILLUMRA controls to be used with HVAC systems.

ILLUMRA EnOcean compatible thermostat for easy wireless control of HVAC systems

The ILLUMRA Thermostat wirelessly communicates with transmitters and receivers already a part of the ILLUMRA product line. For example, a Keycard Access Switch may be used to control the thermostat in a hotel room. An ILLUMRA motion sensor or Room Controller may control the thermostat in an office building or other commercial setting. When the thermostat receives “occupied” or “unoccupied” signals from ILLUMRA transmitters, the thermostat adjusts temperature set points accordingly to conserve energy.

Along with the coming thermostat, ILLUMRA offers several other products that assist in energy conservation and can be used in connection with HVAC systems. These include the SLT Wireless Sensor, Wireless Motion Sensors, the ILLUMRA Room Controller, the Wireless Room Temperature Sensor, and the Keycard Access Switch. Below is a brief overview of how each system component may be used to reduce energy consumption of HVAC units.

SLT Wireless Sensor
The SLT Wireless Sensor expands the energy saving abilities of HVAC control systems by allowing light controls to be added to HVAC systems. The SLT transmits a wireless signal each time power is turned ON or OFF to the sensor. In a building where an HVAC system is installed, SLT Wireless Sensors can be connected to the HVAC unit to transmit signals according to timer presets that are programmed into the heating and cooling system. These signals are picked up by ILLUMRA receivers connected to lights and devices in the room, and allow lights to be turned off when the climate control system is in economy mode.

Wireless Motion Sensors
ILLUMRA Wireless Motion Sensors are self-powered and surface mount using no wires. They transmit occupancy signals to the ILLUMRA Thermostat and to ILLUMRA Relay Receivers that may be connected to lights or other electronic devices. When motion is not detected in a room, HVAC systems automatically set to economy mode and lights and devices turn off.

ILLUMRA Room Controllers
Room controllers may be connected to hardwired occupancy sensors to achieve the same functionality offered by ILLUMRA motion sensors.

Wireless Room Temperature Sensor
The Wireless Room Temperature Sensor is self-powered and surface mounts using no wires. The sensor can be used to monitor the temperature in a room and transmit that data to an ILLUMRA Thermostat. The thermostat then controls the HVAC unit according to programmed preferences.

Keycard Access Switch
The Keycard Access Switch is intended to help implement energy saving controls in hotel rooms. When guests enter their room and slide their room card into the Keycard Access Switch, an “occupied” signal is sent to an ILLUMRA Thermostat and to relay receivers connected to lights and devices in the room. The thermostat automatically adjusts temperature set points to a narrow range (i.e. 70-72 degrees) and power is provided to lights and devices in the room. When guests remove their room card an “unoccupied” signal is transmitted to the ILLUMRA Thermostat, setting the HVAC unit to economy mode and withdrawing power from lights and devices in the room.