Gas Station Lighting

gas station lighting

ILLUMRA wiring diagrams

CUV – Controls Extender / Wireless Switch Leg solution


Add the ability to control gas station lighting at the  fuel pump using an existing daylight sensor mounted above the canopy roof without running new wires to the pumps.


An oil company wanted to conserve electrical energy at each of its outlet stores by turning off the advertisement lights atop each of the pumps during the day. Installing daylight sensors on the pumps themselves would be ineffective because the overhead canopy lights would provide enough light to keep the pump lights always turned off. Installing new wiring to the pumps was not an option because of its expense.


A Wired Light Sensor and  ILLUMRA transmitters and receiver/relays were used. The sensor/transmitter monitors the state of the overhead canopy lights, which were already daylight-controlled. It sends a wireless control signal to the relay receivers installed in the light fixtures on the pumps below, causing the lights to be off whenever the overhead canopy lights are off, and vice-versa. No new wiring was needed and the oil company was able to cut its electricity consumption.


3-wire receiver for wireless light switch


wireless self-powered light switch