Hospital Patient Room Lighting with Wireless

ILLUMRA wireless light switches used to provide mobile light dimming


Hospital patient room lighting with wireless control provides the ability to dim lights from mobile location, such as a hospital bed.


A hospital needed to give recovering patients the ability to dim the light fixture in the room without a cumbersome tether or control cable. The controller had to be easy to handle, actuate, and needed to be attached to the bed so as to be easily accessible. Another requirement was that any wireless control signals must not interfere with other hospital instruments.


Hospital Patient room lighting with wireless control allowes patients to use ILLUMRA wireless plug-in dimmers and ILLUMRA wireless hand-held remote controls to provide convenient dimming control from the bed. The hand-held controls were outfitted with special recoiling tethers and attached to the armrest, so they would always be accessible to the patient. The self-powered wireless remote controls never “go dead” because they don’t contain batteries. ILLUMRA products do not interfere with sensitive hospital instruments.


ILLUMRA Self-powered Wireless Light Switch ILLUMRA Plug-in Lamp Dimmer