Log Home Wiring Wireless Switch


Log Home Wiring

[testimonial author=”Jerome Serin”]”I worked for an electrical contractor for many years doing log home wiring and he read about your product in a trade publication as I was planning this project. We had wired a few log homes many years ago and ran into all sorts of issues. Making a log home project look good and doing so in a timely fashion is difficult. Your product has saved me hundreds of feet of wire and countless hours of labor. The ease of installation and simplicity is great and I would recommend this system to any contractor or homeowner.”[/testimonial]


  • Running wire to switch locations through solid log walls
  • Limited options for switch placement
  • Time consuming installation


Use wireless switches to simplify Log Home Wiring and allow switches to be installed anywhere without drilling logs.

  • Wireless lighting control eliminates the need to run wires from the light to the switch
  • Wireless light switches can be placed anywhere
  • No drilling channels in the logs to run wires and no routing of large holes for switch boxes


  • Installation effort reduced to a minimum
  • Easy to move switches to different locations or add new ones later down the road
  • Save money and time