Private Label Forms

Private Labeling


All our products are available with your logo, so you can bundle wireless controls to sell with your fixtures.


With no effort on your part–once you’re set up–products will be shipped with your logo on the label and shipping box. The mobile app will show your logo. Setting this up is easy.

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How to use the OEM Label Forms for the xUV Product Line



This document is intended to help you make labels for the Area Controller, Fixture Controller, 20 Amp Universal Relay, and Control Extender.


In order to use the OEM label form,  you should first collect the following information.

  • The name and contact information of the person who will approve the artwork.

  • The ordering code you will use when selling the product.

  • The product details you want listed near the logo, applied to the front label as well as the box.

  • Your logo. It will be printed at 300dpi in a space that is .95 inches x .285 inches, or 285 x 86 pixels (W x L). The logo image should be monochrome.


The information highlighted in yellow below is the information you can customize using this form. This is an example of our area controller label.


Private Labelling 20A Relay


Once you have collected the requested information, you will go to the form of the label you wish to customize.

The links are listed below:

Area Controller

Fixture Controller

20 Amp Universal Relay

Control Extender

Once all the requested information has been submitted and the logo received, we will make a digital mock up for you to approve. Once the label and artwork has been approved we will be able to use your custom label on the product.

Download this information.