Wireless Access Control Door Lock

Magnitic Door Latch
ILLUMRA wiring diagrams

120V 3-Wire Basic (ExR-R12-3HOTP)

Link Mode:  Momentary


Wireless access control door Lock on doors in conference rooms, offices, hospital rooms, and classrooms.


A large institution with hundreds of offices wanted the occupants of their offices to be able to release the magnetic door latches on their office doors from their desks. The building wasn’t originally designed to accommodate such a requirement.


Administrators identified Illumra self-powered wireless controls as a viable solution. Self-powered switches were mounted on the underside of the desk, within reach of the person sitting at the desk. Wireless relay receivers were connected to the magnetic latch, thereby allowing control of the door from a seated position. Installing these controls increased worker efficiency and convenience.


ILLUMRA Self-powered Wireless Light Switch

Single Rocker Switch

3-wire receiver for wireless light switch



X= (3) 315 MHz   (9) 902 MHz