Wireless Boat Dock Lighting


ILLUMRA wiring diagrams

Short Range: Boat to Dock  3 Wire 120V Basic Light Switch & Receiver

Short Range: Boat to Dock, Dock to House, House to Dock  3 Wire 120V Basic Light Switch & Receiver

Long Range: Boat Dock to House  Industrial Wireless Relay (IWR) 


Wireless boat dock lighting from dock to house and house to dock. The distance from Boat Dock to House was 100 yards plus. A need to control floodlighting at the dock and a circuit of yard lights from switches at two locations: the boat house and home.   Turn on lights at the boat dock on approach to the dock in the evening.


The Marine Light Contols selected  exceeded the range limit for ILLUMRA basic transmitters and receivers. The switches at the boat house effectively control ILLUMRA receivers wired behind the flood lights at the boat house. The wireless signals from switches inside the home do not reach ILLUMRA receivers down at the boat house.


The ILLUMRA long range Marine Light Controls was the solution. The Illumra Industrial Wireless Relay (IWR) set was installed at the boat dock and the house .  The wireless boat dock lighting request was solved with a wireless light switch placed near the captain’s chair and the receiver installed at the boat dock lights.  This allows the boat captain to turn on the lights from his captains chair on approach approximately 150 -300 feet out.


ILLUMRA Self-powered Wireless Light Switch

Single Rocker Switch

3-wire receiver for wireless light switch


x = (3) 315 MHz  (9) 902 MHz


Long Range Receiver: Zigbee 2.4 GHz