Wireless Landscape Lighting Control

wireless controls for landscape lighting
ILLUMRA wiring diagrams

Wireless Switch Leg (ExK-K11-WH, ExK-L11-WH, ExK-M11-WH)

120V 3-Wire Basic (ExX-R12-3HOTP)


Landscape lighting control switch.


The building owner wanted to be able to control the new landscape lighting with the existing switch that controls the porch light and from a new location in the master suite. The problem was that the landscape lighting was installed after the building was built, and there was not an easy way to install new wires to the desired switch locations.


The ILLUMRA Wireless landscape lighting controls include a self-powered wireless switch, a control extender sensor, and wireless relays. A self-powered wireless switch was installed near the bed in the master suite. The control extender sensor was installed in the porch light fixture, and wireless relays were installed to control the transformers feeding the low-voltage garden lights.


ILLUMRA Self-powered Wireless Light Switch

Single Rocker Switch

3-wire receiver for wireless light switch



Wireless Repeater for ILLUMRA Wireless Energy Controls

Control Extender