Wireless Water Feature Control


ILLUMRA wiring diagrams

120V 3-Wire Basic (ExX-R12-3HOTP)


Landscape water feature control switch.


The home owner needed to be able to control the waterfall from a location within the home. The problem was that there was not an easy way to get wires from the wiring box near the pump to the inside of the walls of the home.Solution
ILLUMRA self-powered wireless switches were used. Switches were mounted on the surface of the wall in the home in several locations without cutting into the walls and without the need to install new wires. The ILLUMRA relay receiver was installed in the weather-proof, plastic wiring box near the pump.


wireless self-powered light switch

Single Rocker Switch

3-wire receiver for wireless light switch




Basic Wireless Switch Kit

X =  (3) 315 MHz   (9) 902 MHz