Yacht to Dock Lighting

wireless controls for landscape lighting

ILLUMRA wiring diagrams

120V 3 wire Basic Wiring Diagram (E9X-R12-3HOTP)

120V 3 Wire 3 Way Wiring Diagram(E9X-R12-3HOTP)


Yacht to Dock lighting


The Yacht owner wants to turn on the Dock lights from his Yacht while on approach.   Yacht to Dock lighting will make departures and arrivals at night easier and safer


Yacht to Dock lighting was achieved with a ILLUMRA wire-in relay connecting to the light fixtures on the dock. ILLUMRA self-powered wireless light switches were installed in the yacht and an ILLUMRA self-powered, hand-held wireless remote control was located at the helm, permitting the captain or the occupants of the ship to safely control the lights while aboard.


Single Rocker Switch


Handheld Wireless Switch



3-wire receiver for wireless light switch



Basic Wireless Switch Kit

x – (3) 315 Mhz  (9) 902 MHz