Cut Energy Costs With ILLUMRA

ILLUMRA room controllers help companies increase profitability. With revenue leveling off in today’s economy, many companies are looking to cut costs in order to post profits. ILLUMRA room controllers help do just that.

In commercial buildings, cooling systems, lights, and office equipment are the top three electricity consuming devices. Lighting alone can account for as much as 30% of a commercial building’s utility bill. Using ILLUMRA room controllers to turn off lights in unused areas significantly decreases electricity usage and makes for a more pleasant utility bill.

ILLUMRA room controllers are low voltage devices used in conjunction with occupancy sensors to receive and transmit information to ILLUMRA Receivers. The room controllers help reduce electricity demand in three ways.

Automatic Off Controls
Auto Off controls pay for themselves by ensuring that any unused light is turned off. ILLUMRA room controllers may be used with either wireless or wired occupancy sensors to automatically turn off lights in unoccupied areas of a building. Compatible occupancy sensors may be motion, ultrasonic, or dual-technology sensors.

Low Power Consuming Receivers
ILLUMRA room controllers consume very little standby power. Often control systems may promise great energy savings, but when the systems are off, can still suck a lot of power. ILLUMRA room controllers require well under 1 watt of standby power to stay operational. This means when lights are off, electricity is virtually off as well.

Energy Rebates
More and more states and utility companies are offering rebates to customers who reduce energy consumption during peak use times. ILLUMRA room controllers provide systems that are CA Title 24 and ASHRAE/IESNA standard 90.1 compliant and may qualify buildings for energy rebates in your area.

So, what are you waiting for? ILLUMRA room controllers offer lower electric bills through auto off controls, low standby power consumption, and possible energy rebates. Plus ILLUMRA controls install quickly and easily, allowing you to start enjoying energy savings immediately and keeping labor costs to a minimum. Help your bottom line. Order ILLUMRA today. Call (801) 349-1200 or click here to locate an ILLUMRA distributor near you.