Decrease Costs, Increase Profits With ILLUMRA

ILLUMRA wireless automation systems provide valuable benefits for business owners moving to new locations. Whether a new building is being planned or an existing structure is being remodeled, ILLUMRA control systems can help tenants of new locations cut costs and get businesses up and running faster.

Opening a new business location can be time consuming and costly; often electrical systems are the cause of these problems. Electrical plans of new structures take time to design and install. Interior electrical systems of existing structures often need to be remodeled and customized to fit the needs of new tenants. In both new and existing buildings, business owners lose money each day the opening of business operations is delayed.

ILLUMRA provides the most adaptable wireless control system for commercial buildings. ILLUMRA automation systems offer easy-to-install lighting, occupancy, and HVAC controls. These control systems are the answer for businesses seeking to cut costs, save time, and increase profits.

New structures:

In preparing electrical plans, finalizing placement of light locations, switch locations, switch legs, and traveler wires consumes valuable time and adds days to project schedules. ILLUMRA controls do not use switch leg or traveler wires and surface mount anywhere once the building is finished. This speeds up electrical planning and simplifies installations. The design-build process, a increasingly popular method of completing builds on time and under budget, involves completing some portions of a project before all building plans are finalized. This process requires that technologies installed do not restrict portions of the project that lie ahead. In the design-build process ILLUMRA control systems eliminate difficulties arising from design revisions and change orders. ILLUMRA receivers can easily be installed along with light fixtures throughout a building; ILLUMRA wireless light switches can then be added at convenient locations when the building is complete.

Existing structures:

Uses for commercial building space change regularly. When a new store or office replaces a previous tenant, significant and expensive electrical remodeling often takes place. When the commercial space contains an ILLUMRA controls system, little or no electrical remodeling is necessary. Surface mounted ILLUMRA self-powered wireless light switches can easily be moved to new locations that may be more convenient for the new building layout. ILLUMRA receivers can quickly be reprogrammed to customize light controls to the needs of the new tenant. Adaptable ILLUMRA controls save time and money for the new business and help the business get up and running faster.