Philips EasySense Compatible Wireless ZigBee Switch

Featured Image Single and Dual Switches

Part Number

ZBT-S1AWH (single rocker, white)

ZBT-S2AWH (dual rocker, white)

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EasySense Compatible Zigbee Switches by ILLUMRA

  • Install a switch anywhere in a room–no wiring required
  • Never replace batteries with energy harvesting technology
  • Control Philips EasySense devices
    • Philips EasySense SNS102 compatible:
      • Single Rocker Switch
    • Philips EasySense SNS200 compatible:
      • Single Rocker Switch
      • Dual Rocker Switch (adds scene setting functionality)

ILLUMRA’s Self-Powered ZigBee Switches provide wireless control of lighting and automation systems using battery-free energy-harvesting technology compatible with Philips EasySense.

Wireless ZigBee Switches can be placed anywhere within range of a receiver. Traditionally, the wireless light switch is surface mounted on a wall with screws or industrial tape, but it can also be used in a standard switch box or as a wireless handheld remote.

The energy harvesting technology used in the switches has proven reliability in the marketplace for over 10 years powering ILLUMRA’s low power wireless control product line. The mechanism is powered by the motion of the user pressing the switch and is designed to operate maintenance-free for 20+ years.