ILLUMRA Extends Range With EnOcean + ZigBee Hybrid System

ILLUMRA, the largest North American supplier of self-powered, battery-free, wireless lighting control systems, has announced its newest product innovation. The EnOcean + ZigBee long-range remote control system provides users with reliable light control at distances up to a mile away. The new long range hybrid system enables ILLUMRA self-powered wireless light controls to be used in a greater number of applications than was previously possible.

The ILLUMRA hybrid control system combines benefits of ZigBee 802.15.4 Industrial Wireless Relays (IWR) with the benefits of EnOcean compatible ILLUMRA Self-powered Wireless Controls. ILLUMRA wireless systems allow users to control electrical loads 150 feet away; the EnOcean + ZigBee hybrid system extends that range up to 1 mile. The system is made up of two component groups: first, an IWR pair designed to provide simple long-range remote control; and second, ILLUMRA battery-free wireless light switches and sensors, which are designed to provide easy-to-install light control and energy management systems. Together, these products make up the ILLUMRA hybrid system which provides simple, customizable, long range wireless light control, security control, pump station control, electronic sign control, traffic control, factory automation, and more. The hybrid system is especially effective for controlling loads across large open spaces where it would be preferable to not run wire. Examples of such applications include: barns, guest-houses, sports stadiums, tennis courts, boat-houses and garages.

The ILLUMRA hybrid system provides wireless remote control up to 1 mile away without the use of repeaters. The hybrid system uses ILLUMRA battery-free wireless light switches to produce a wireless signal. An ILLUMRA Low Voltage Relay Receiver that is connected to an Industrial Wireless Relay picks up the signal; the IWR then broadcasts the signal up to 1 mile away in all horizontal directions. A separate IWR connected to as many as four external relays, each sized for the load, receives the signal and controls attached electrical loads. The hybrid system may be used in 3-way switch applications by connecting ILLUMRA 5-wire Relay Receivers between the external relays and electrical loads.

ILLUMRA is excited about the opportunities the new hybrid system will open up to its customers. Contractors, specifiers, or other individuals can purchase components to create EnOcean + ZigBee long range remote control systems through ILLUMRA manufacturer’s sales representatives or from ILLUMRA distributors. To find the representative or distributor nearest you, please contact the ILLUMRA sales department at 801-349-1200.


ILLUMRA is the largest supplier in North America, of self-powered, battery-free, wireless lighting control and energy management systems, and a member of the EnOcean Alliance. All ILLUMRA products operate using the EnOcean protocol, the de facto standard for energy-harvesting wireless controls. EnOcean technology allows energy harvesting ILLUMRA transmitters to operate indefinitely without the use of batteries. The motion of a switch actuation, light on a solar cell, or temperature differentials in the environment provide power to ILLUMRA transmitters, providing zero-maintenance wireless devices. The ILLUMRA product line includes multiple products which operate in the uncrowded 315 MHz band offering greater transmission range than other wireless technologies and minimal competitive traffic.

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