ILLUMRA LED Dimmer Wins Best Dimming Control at The LED Show

ILLUMRA, the premier supplier of self-powered, battery-free, wireless lighting and HVAC controls in North America has won “Best Dimming or Control” at The LED Show in Las Vegas. A panel of LED experts reviewed the dimmer and announced the award on August 27, 2010. The constant-voltage dimmer is available in a wireless or wired configuration that responds to hardwired or wireless battery-free controls to adjust the brightness of LED fixtures. The wired version is also available with an industry standard 0-10V input.

LED Dimmer“ILLUMRA is providing the LED community with game changing technology,” said James Highgate, Lighting Consultant and Director of the LED Show. “We are impressed with the dimming capabilities in such a small package. We see the potential for many manufactures to incorporate the ILLUMRA LED dimmer into their product line.”

The new device uses 65,000 dimming steps to provide ultra smooth LED dimming at all light levels, eliminating the flicker that is commonly associated with LED dimmers. The units can dim 12V or 24V LED strips and are rated for loads of up to 5 amperes.

“We are proud to offer our award winning LED dimming solutions to customers who are embracing the future of lighting technology, ” said Jan Finlinson, Director, ILLUMRA. “We are honored to have the LED experts confirm what our customers have been saying about the innovation and quality offered in our LED dimmer products.”

Each dimmer has an input for a wired occupancy sensor. The wireless version responds to as many as 30 wireless switches or sensors. Buildings using ILLUMRA products may qualify for LEED credits and Energy-Star ratings. ILLUMRA products are manufactured in a ISO 9001:2000 facility, are RoHS compliant, and are FCC and IC approved.

ILLUMRA is the largest North American supplier of self-powered, battery-free, wireless lighting control and energy management systems, and a member of the EnOcean Alliance. All ILLUMRA products operate using the EnOcean protocol: the standard for low-power wireless communication. Transmitters harvest the energy they require from the motion of a switch, light on a solar cell, or from temperature differentials. This allows them to operate indefinitely without the use of batteries. The ILLUMRA product line includes multiple products that operate in the uncrowded 315 and 868 MHz band, offering greater transmission range than other wireless technologies and minimal competitive traffic. Products are sold via dealers and OEM partners throughout the world. For more information about ILLUMRA and its products, please visit, or call (801) 349-1200.