ILLUMRA Releases New Light Pole Control Solution

ILLUMRA, the leader in innovative energy saving controls, announced the release of the CMR.The ILLUMRA CMR works with any Dawn/Dusk sensor to reduce energy consumption by 50% by shutting off lights during the second half of every night. One device is installed per pole or fixture to shut off lights not needed for maintaining safety lighting levels. The CMR automatically synchronizes to existing dawn/dusk sensors and adapts toCMRchanging seasons. The CMR limits peak demand inrush through sequenced start up.

“The CMR gives building owners a powerful tool to control outdoor lighting costs,” said Jan Finlinson, director at ILLUMRA. “The easy-to-install low-cost solution will fill a niche that has been missing in the marketplace.”

The CMR is a great solution for parking lots, parking garages, streetlights, landscape lighting, and lights controlled by dawn/dusk sensors.

ILLUMRA is a leading North American supplier of lighting control and energy management systems. ILLUMRA is an EPA Energy Star Partner and develops wired and wireless HVAC and lighting controls for commercial buildings. Products are sold via dealers and OEM partners throughout the world. For more information about ILLUMRA and its products, please visit, or call (801) 349-1200.