ILLUMRA SLT Wireless Sensor Extends Reach Of Control

ILLUMRA, the largest supplier in North America, of self-powered, battery-free, wireless lighting control and energy management systems, announced today the release of their SLT (Switch Leg Transmitter) wireless sensor. The SLT wireless sensor is used to extend the control of one branch circuit to other branch circuits without installing wires between them. The SLT wireless sensor connects to an existing switched load and transmits a control signal to an ILLUMRA wireless receiver, which in turn, switches a distant load. The distant load follows the existing load with both loads turning on and off simultaneously.

The SLT wireless sensor is compatible with existing ILLUMRA wireless receivers. As with all ILLUMRA wireless devices, the SLT wireless sensor is easy to install and easy to use. The new sensor reduces cost by eliminating expensive materials and eliminating tedious and time-consuming labor. The SLT wireless sensor can control an unlimited number of ILLUMRA wireless receivers as long as they are within 150 feet of the SLT wireless sensor. Each ILLUMRA wireless receiver can respond to as many as 30 different SLT wireless sensors. “The introduction of the SLT wireless sensor to the ILLUMRA line increases the flexibility of the entire line”, explained Jan Finlinson, Vice President at ILLUMRA. “Successful companies are always looking for ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and save energy, which is why ILLUMRA is gaining so much momentum in our industry. Our customers are finding more and more ways to apply ILLUMRA controls. With the SLT wireless sensor, the possibilities are vast, indeed”, said Finlinson.

As lighting circuits are added to a building, integration with existing control systems may be costly, complex, and/or impractical. With the SLT wireless sensor, the action of the existing lighting control can be duplicated on the new lighting circuit. For example, when task lights are added to work surfaces in an industrial manufacturing facility, the control circuits from the existing lighting systems are not available at floor level, but power is already wired to the bench-top. Installation of a SLT wireless sensor at an existing controlled load will transmit a signal to ILLUMRA wireless relay receivers installed at the bench-top, avoiding wasted energy due to task lights left on unnecessarily.

Buildings using the SLT wireless sensor and other ILLUMRA products: qualify for LEED credits, may qualify for Energy-Star ratings, require fewer materials and less labor during installation, and have the ability to use less energy. The SLT wireless sensor is manufactured to the latest quality standards in an ISO 9001:2000 facility, is RoHS compliant, is FCC and IC approved, has earned safety approval listing status according to applicable UL and CSA standards, and bears the ETL safety listing mark.


ILLUMRA is the largest supplier in North America, of self-powered, battery-free, wireless lighting control and energy management systems, and a member of the EnOcean Alliance. All ILLUMRA products operate using the EnOcean protocol, the de facto standard for energy-harvesting wireless controls. EnOcean technology allows energy harvesting ILLUMRA transmitters to operate indefinitely without the use of batteries. The motion of a switch actuation, light on a solar cell, or temperature differentials in the environment provide power to ILLUMRA transmitters, providing zero-maintenance wireless devices. The ILLUMRA product line includes multiple products which operate in the uncrowded 315 MHz band offering greater transmission range than other wireless technologies and minimal competitive traffic.

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