Introducing ILLUMRA Estimator and Contractor Guides

ILLUMRA introduces its new Estimator and Contractor Guides that make understanding and installing ILLUMRA wireless controls simple. ILLUMRA contractor guides provide all the necessary information to allow product specification, system creation, and installation of common lighting and HVAC wireless control solutions.

The new guides offer helpful tips and instructions on creating wireless control networks such as conference room and hotel room control systems and more using self-powered remote light switches, occupancy sensors, and other innovative ILLUMRA products. View the Guides online at

Every project and control system is different; this makes it necessary for contractors to spend valuable time trying to figure out if a particular brand of controls is right for the job, which components of that system are needed, and how to install the components. ILLUMRA wireless controls are adaptable and can be used in a variety of projects. ILLUMRA Estimator and Contractor Guides teach which ILLUMRA products to use and how they fit together, eliminating electrical project hassles, speeding project delivery, and helping contractors and specifiers WOW their customers. The new Estimator and Contractor Guides allow specifiers and contractors to quickly and simply create the control system a customer needs.

All controls in the ILLUMRA product line are designed to install quickly and easily, provide custom lighting and HVAC controls, and reduce excess energy consumption. “The contractor guides are designed to teach about the total control system. They address common applications and make life easy for specifiers and contractors,” said Colby Gibson Sales and Marketing Manager with ILLUMRA.

Each ILLUMRA contractor and estimator guide addresses a common application and shows how to easily install components to create the desired system. The guides feature floor plan diagrams, ILLUMRA products used, wiring diagrams, and estimated installation times. From product specification to installation, ILLUMRA contractor guides walk specifiers and contractors through the ILLUMRA product purchasing and installation process. Using the guides, a specifier can know exactly what components to include in a project and a contractor can know just how to connect the components to create a system.

See the most recent contractor guides by clicking here. Check out the page often, as new guides will be added regularly.

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