New ILLUMRA LED Dimmers Provide Ultra Smooth Wireless Dimming

ILLUMRA Self-powered Wireless Controls introduced its new 65,000 dim step 24VDC wireless LED Dimmer along with its new wireless 0-10V Dimmer at Lightfair 2009 in New York. The new wireless devices provide ultra smooth LED dimming at all light levels. The wireless dimmers provide users the ability to adjust light levels to their preferences and allow the use of energy saving LED lights with the convenience of quality dimming control.

The ILLUMRA wireless 24VDC LED dimmer overcomes a major challenge faced by standard PWM LED dimmers; the device eliminates the issue of choppiness at low dim levels. Through the use of thousands of PWM dimming steps, the ILLUMRA LED Dimmer creates what is perceived by the natural eye as a single continuous dim — even at low light levels. The dimmer can easily drive 12V or 24V LED fixtures and loads requiring up to 5 amps of current. A unique feature of the dimmer is that it can be controlled from any switch wired to its local control input, in addition to ILLUMRA battery-free, wireless light switches.

The 0-10V Dimmer is used to control dimmable LED power supplies or dimmable fluorescent ballasts. In addition to its industry-standard 0-10V output, the dimmer conveniently provides a fully isolated switch output driver. The driver can be used to control an external relay, contactor or power-pack, completely disconnecting the load when it’s not in use, thereby achieving maximum energy savings.

The wireless capability of the new ILLUMRA dimmers allows users to control or dim lights using self-powered wireless light sensors, wireless occupancy sensors, wireless light switches, or other ILLUMRA wireless transmitters. This means the dimmers are able to be used in a variety of applications such as architectural dimming, daylighting, load shedding, manual ON / automatic OFF control, and more. The dimmers can dim lights in response to wireless light sensors indicating when natural light is available. They can also turn off or dim lights in vacant rooms or hallways by responding to signals from wireless motion sensors; additionally, the dimmers can be manually controlled with self-powered wireless switches. Each dimmer has an input for a wired 24v sensor, stores up to 30 wireless switches or sensors in its memory, and may function as a repeater for use in ILLUMRA wireless control networks. The ILLUMRA LED Dimmers are FCC/IC approved and RoHS compliant to minimize the environmental impact over the life cycle of the products.


ILLUMRA Self-powered Wireless Controls is the largest supplier in North America, of self-powered, battery-free, wireless lighting control and energy management systems, and a member of the EnOcean Alliance. ILLUMRA provides simple wireless control systems that save energy, save time, and save money. ILLUMRA products operate using the EnOcean radio protocol, the wireless standard for sustainable buildings. EnOcean technology allows energy harvesting ILLUMRA transmitters to operate indefinitely without the use of batteries. The motion of a switch actuation, light on a solar cell, or other ambient energy in the environment provide power to ILLUMRA transmitters, creating zero-maintenance wireless devices. The ILLUMRA product line includes multiple products which operate in the uncrowded 315 MHz band offering greater transmission range than other wireless technologies and minimal competitive traffic.

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