Split Duplex Switched Receptacle

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The Split Duplex Receptacle Outlet Controller provides a simple solution to meet energy codes without requiring complex changes to a facility. The controller can retrofit existing duplex receptacles simply and quickly, without the need for new wiring. The controller offers a duplex receptacle with a 15-amp relay switched outlet and a 15-amp constant-power outlet. Its auxiliary output allows for additional standard outlets to be controlled by its internal relay. Compatible with occupancy sensors, the outlet can be switched based on room occupancy, helping to meet the most stringent ASHRAE and California energy codes. The Split Duplex Controller mounts in a standard electrical box and will accept a decorator style face place (not included). Arrow shaped LEDs provide permanent marking of the control outlet and users can choose to have the LEDs turned off.

  • Plug Load Control - Link to motion
    sensors to automatically turn off
    outlets when office is unoccupied
  • Central Command support. For BACnet
    Management System control
  • Interoperable. Communicates wirelessly
    with other devices using the EnOcean
    wireless standard.


Power Supply 120 VAC
Power Consumption 2.5 W max. full load
Output Load Types N.O. Relay rating 15A@ 120VAC
2 x LEDs, Learn (green) and Power(red)
RF Communications EnOcean® Protocol 902 MHz
EEP (EnOcean Equipment Profile) EEP: F6-02-02 Light and Blinds Control
EEP: A5-06-02 Light Sensor [range 0 - 1024 lux]
EEP: A5-07-01 Occupancy Sensor
EEP: F6-04-01 Key Card Activated Switch
EEP: A5-30-02 Single Input Contact (doors and windows)
EEP: A5-38-08 Central Command, switching (0x01), setpoint (0x03)
EEP: A5-10-0A/0B Room Operating Panel
EEP: D5-00-01 1BS Contact and Switches
Transmission Range 24 m (80 ft) - commercial office spaces(typical),
up to 100m (330 ft) line of sight
Operational Temperature -10 °C to 45 °C (14 °F to 113 °F ) ambient
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions 41.0 x 70.3 x 42.5 mm (1.61 x 2.77 x 1.67”)
Wires exit from the rear of the ERNR.
Allow for additional space when selecting an electrical box
Agency Compliance ETL, UL, FCC, & IC compliant