5A 0-10V Dimming Fixture Controller

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The 5A 0-10V Dimming Fixture Controller from ILLUMRA allows wireless control of room ambiance by dimming LED and Fluorescent Luminaries. The controller reduces energy consumption through the use of manual control, vacancy detection, daylighting, load shedding strategies enabled with wireless connections to accessories such as wireless motion sensors, light sensors, switches, etc. The fixture controller provides a compelling, cost effective, minimally disruptive solution for compliance with the latest energy regulations.

Fixture vs. Area Controller

The 5A Fixture Controller on this page is optimized for use one per fixture to eliminate the need for adding control wiring between fixtures.

The 20A Area Controller features full 20A circuit switching capacity and may be used to control multiple fixtures over a larger area by daisy-chaining the 0-10V control signals between fixtures.

Specifications E9X-DUV-10VTP-FX
Supply Voltage 100-277VAC  50 /60 Hz
Maximum Load: 5 AMPs all loads; 0-10V sink 100mA; 0-10V source 1mA

70A Max Inrush Current

Load Type: Metal Halide; Sodium Vapor; Induction; Fluorescent; LED; Other
Range 50-150 feet (typical)
Frequency 902 MHz EnOcean® Protocol
Dimensions: 2.11 x 1.73 x 1.09 inches (54 x 44 x 28 mm)
Operating Temperature: +32° to +122°F (0° to +50°C)
Storage Temperature: -4° to +176°F (-20° to +80°C)
UL 60730 (safety)
UL 2043 (plenum)
CSAc22.2#14-05 (safety)
CE – IEC 60730
FCC: SZV-STM300U  IC: 5713A-STM300U


  • Conference Rooms
  • Houses of Worship
  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Load Shedding