0-10V Dimming Controller

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E3X-D01FP - White

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The ILLUMRA 0-10V Dimming Controller responds to wireless light switches and transmitters to control dimmable LED power supplies or dimmable fluorescent ballasts. The controller can also turn off or dim lights based on signals from wireless or wired sensors detecting occupancy or available natural light. Wirelessly controlled, the 0-10V Dimming Controller is perfect for energy-saving applications such as architectural dimming, daylighting, load shedding, and manual ON / automatic OFF control. The controller may also be used for custom lighting applications.

Range 50-150 feet (typical)
Frequency 315 MHz
Power Supply Input Rating 12-28V
Sensor Input Rating 0-18VDC / <1V is Low / >3V is High
Output Rating (0-10V Output) 4mA
Output Rating (Switched Output) 5A DC (isolated) / 30 VDC max
Input Channels 1 motion detector / sensor input
Output Channels 1 output 0-10C / 1 switched output
Memory Stores up to 30 unique switch IDs in memory
Operating Temperature -13° to +140°F (- 25 ° to + 60 °C)
Storage Temperature -40° to +140°F (- 40 ° to + 60 °C)
Dimensions 2.88"(W) x 1.30"(H) x 0.67"(D) (7.32cm x 3.30cm x 1.70cm)
Radio Certification FCC (United States): SZV-TCM2XXC & IC (Canada): 5713A-TCM2XXC



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