HVAC Setback Module

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The HVAC Setback Module provides an extraordinarily simple, highly efficient means for switching HVAC systems between normal operation and a pre-configured setback mode. The module features two (2) buttons with LED indicator lights that are used to configure or manually control the device. The setback module is easy to install and connects to the HVAC system within minutes using standard wiring practices.For an affordable energy saving solution to HVAC control, simply link the setback module to any EnOcean-enabled occupancy sensor and the sensor will send a wireless signal to setback the HVAC when the room is not occupied.


Typical Applications

Combine the HVAC Setback Module with our key card switch for an economical way to control energy use, or use it with any of our other occupancy detection products for a more efficient, automated approach to energy savings.


Features & Benefits

● EnOcean compatible
● Dry contact closure provides input signal to HVAC systems for switching between setback mode and normal operation
● Two molded buttons with LED indicator lights can be used to configure or manually control the device
● Compact size allows the module to be concealed within the HVAC enclosure