Ceiling Occupancy Sensor

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Ceiling-Mount Motion Sensors sense motion over a 360 degree coverage area.

Specifications E9T-OSC
Frequency 902 MHz EnOcean RF transmitter
Transmission Range 50-100 ft. (17-33M)
Motion Detection Range 34ft. (10m) diameter @ 10ft (3m) mounting height (Refer to coverage diagrams)
Minimum Operation Light 50 lux (for auto-off only)
Charge time to full 25 hrs @200 lux
Sustaining Charge time 3 hours per 24 hours @ 200 lux
Motion Transmission Interval 2 minutes
Unoccupied Transmission 10 and 30 minutes since last motion detection
Heartbeat Transmission default = disable / enable = 1 hr intervals
Operating Life in Darkness 80 hours (after full charge)
Optional Battery Life Continuous battery-free operation standard; Infrequent Bright Light: 20yrs (with 200lux for 2 hrs/day 7days/week  Consistent Low Light: 15 yrs (with 65 lux for 5 hrs/day 7 days/week  Total Darkness: 6.5 yrs
EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP) A5-07-01
Dimensions 6.5" H x 2.36" W x 1.47" D  (160mm x 60mm x 37mm)
Mounting Height 7-10 feet (2-3m) recommended
Agency Compliance FCC: SZV-STM300U


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