Remotely Control Light Up to 300 Feet Away

Ever wished you had a conveniently located light switch that allowed you to turn off lights in a detached building, down a hall, or across a room? The ILLUMRA Relay Receiver + Repeater (part no.: E3X-R12-5IBBP) allows you to control lights from up to 300 feet away when used with ILLUMRA self-powered remote light switches and ILLUMRA receivers. The ILLUMRA Relay Receiver + Repeater can boost operating range 100% from the standard range of up to 150 feet or be used to transmit signals around objects. The device can be used in multiple ways to increase the capabilities of an ILLUMRA wireless control network.

First, the Relay Receiver + Repeater can be used to cover a greater distance. To do so, a Relay Receiver + Repeater is connected to power in between the location of an ILLUMRA wireless light switch and an ILLUMRA receiver. An ILLUMRA remote light switch can then transmit a signal to the Relay Receiver + Repeater; the device picks up the signals and rebroadcasts them up to an additional 150 feet.

Second, the Relay Receiver + Repeater can can be used to transmit a signal around objects. In environments that contain lots of metal or other obstructions, the device can help signals be transmitted at a less obstructed angle to an ILLUMRA receiver. For example, imagine that an ILLUMRA switch that controls two ILLUMRA receivers has been installed in front of a reinforced concrete wall with metal sheeting. Receiver A is to the right of the wall and Receiver B is behind the wall. In this scenario the signal transmitted by the ILLUMRA remote light switch may reach receiver A and control lights connected to receiver A. However, the signal may not penetrate the metal wall and reach receiver B. In this situation, a Relay Receiver + Repeater may be used to replace receiver A. When this is done, the system will work as follows: the signal transmitted by the remote light switch will be picked up by the Relay Receiver + Repeater, the lights connected to the Relay Receiver + Repeater will be controlled, and the device will re-transmit the wireless signal. The signal will effectively reach receiver B and control lights connected to receiver B.

The ILLUMRA Relay Receiver + Repeater can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Following are a few examples:



  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Retail Stores



  • Detached Buildings
  • Stadiums
  • Parking Lots


From office buildings to stadiums and more, the ILLUMRA Relay Receiver + Repeater provides users a quick and easy way to install convenient remote lighting controls for medium range applications. Simplify your project; try ILLUMRA controls today. Call (801) 349-1200 to find an ILLUMRA distributor near you.

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