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3 Phase Motor Controller Using LVRX-4 (E3R-R04FP-4)


Extend the capability of a control station by adding a additional control locations.


A 3-phase motor needed to be started and stopped from multiple locations within a plant. The control system needed to interface with the existing magnetic starter, commonly found on such motors. Running wires to the additional control locations would have been expensive and time-consuming.


Plant engineers selected ILLUMRA wireless controls to add additional control locations to the existing motor and its magnetic starter. Installing the ILLUMRA system was completed in less than 1 hour, saving weeks of time and eliminating the need to use costly construction materials. ILLUMRA self-powered controls are ideal for applications like this, because they don’t require ongoing maintenance and can be installed virtually anywhere.


ILLUMRA Self-powered Wireless Light Switch

Single Rocker Switch

Low Voltage Relay Receiver