New Bluetooth Technology Provides a Wireless, Battery-Free Control to Smart Light Bulbs

San Diego, CA (LFI), April 26, 2016 –

ILLUMRA expanding the lineup of self-powered wireless light switches to support Bluetooth technology. It designed for battery-free and wireless installation in residential and commercial buildings. The Bluetooth switch joins the ILLUMRA family of ZigBee® and EnOcean compatible products.
ILLUMRA’s Bluetooth switch deploys EnOcean energy harvesting technology. The switch uses energy when a user presses the switch. It provides users battery-free wireless control to lighting and HVAC systems. It communicates with globally-compliant Bluetooth standard. The Bluetooth self-powered wireless light switch comes with standard rocker-style faceplates. Currently, the products are available in a variety of colors for qualifying OEM’s. With the world increasing focus on energy conservation, it’s time to become a part of the movement.
“Today's smartphones equipped with Bluetooth, which come with a nice interface that people are familiar with and are using. Our switch will add a new level of convenience for users” said Jan Finlinson, President of ILLUMRA. “We are excited to offer the new Bluetooth controls and enable flexible switch placement to OEMs. No more new wires, no maintenance, and simplified installation.”