Bluetooth Switch

Part Numbers

BTT-S1AWH (single rocker, white)

BTT-S2AWH (dual rocker, white)

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The self-powered Bluetooth Switch is a wireless transmitter that communicates with a wide variety of Bluetooth compatible systems. The switch uses battery-free, energy harvesting technology. Every time the switch is pressed a micro-generator produces a small electrical current that powers a built-in transmitter. This transmitter sends wireless radio signals that are used to remotely control a compatible system.

Also available in ZigBee and EnOcean.


Range 30-100 ft or 10-30 m (typical)
Frequency  Bluetooth 2.4 GHz
Power Supply Self-generated when switch is pressed
Buttons 2 Buttons (1 rocker) | 4 Buttons (2 rockers)
Dimensions 2.75(W) x 4.5(H) x 0.62(D) inches
Operating Temperature -13° to +149°F (- 25° to + 65°C)
Radio Certifications Certified according to FCC and IC and CE regulations
Addressing Factory set unique ID