WalaLight Compatible Bluetooth Battery-free Wireless Light Switches

Part Numbers

BTT-S1AWH (single rocker, white)

Wireless Bluetooth Switch

BTT-S2AWH (dual rocker, white)

Wireless Dual Rocker Switch

BTT-S1EWH (single rocker Euro, white)


BTT-S2EBK (dual rocker Euro, black)



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WalaLight Compatible Wireless Bluetooth Switches by ILLUMRA

ILLUMRA self-powered wireless Bluetooth® switches can work with WalaLight-enabled Bluetooth mesh devices and can be configured by using the WalaLight app.

WalaLight provides a robust lighting control technology based on the globally interoperable Bluetooth mesh standard. You can easily add ILLUMRA self-powered wireless Bluetooth® switches to the ecosystem of different lighting components based on WalaLight-enabled Bluetooth mesh technology.  It will strengthen your competitive advantage and create new revenue streams.

WalaLight partnership with Illumra enhances our offering by adding multiple designs and colors, and optional text for the switch portfolio. The light switches are powered by kinetic energy-harvesting technology, allowing them to operate without the use of wires or batteries. A press of the switch converts a small amount of electricity, which transmits a wireless radio-frequency signal to controllers and other WalaLight devices within range. Switches can be mounted in an existing switch box or be surface mounted with screws or double-sided tape. Patented Tamper Resistant technology prevents the rockers from being removed without the use of tools, preventing exposure or damage to the components within the switch. There are 4 different models with multiple different SKU’s that are integrated into the total WalaLight solution controls

Networked lighting control with self-powered switches!  WalaLight provides intuitive apps for standard-compliant Bluetooth mesh lighting networks. Designed to support large-scale installations deployed in commercial environments, they offer powerful commissioning, fine-tuning, and everyday management features. The bottom line is faster ROI, shortened path to advanced control strategies, and facilitated compliance with building energy codes.

  • Mount switches within range of an WalaLight-enabled products (30-100ft)
  • No wires & no batteries required to operate the switches - kinetic energy
  • Never replace batteries with energy harvesting technology
  • Traditional Single and Dual Rocker switches are compatible with single/multi-gang switch boxes
  • Custom switch printing with words or icons is available
  • Additional switch styles coming soon

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WalaLight Products


ILLUMRA switches

    • Single Rocker Switch (6 color options)
    • Dual Rocker Switch (6 color options)
    • Single Rocker Euro Switch (black, white)
    • Dual Rocker Euro Switch (black, white)
    • More styles coming soon
Custom Switch Printing
Custom switch printing is available for switches
using words or icons.

ILLUMRA’s Self-Powered Wireless Bluetooth Switches provide wireless control of lighting and automation systems using battery-free energy-harvesting technology compatible with WalaLight products.  Two styles (traditional and European) are available for the North American market, and come in both Single Rocker (2-button) and Dual Rocker (4-button) options.  Optional printing of words or icons is available upon request.  Additional styles are in development and will be available soon.

Wireless Bluetooth switches can be placed anywhere within range of a receiver. The wireless light switch may be surface mounted on a wall with screws or industrial tape or mounted to a standard switch box or as a wireless handheld remote.

The energy harvesting technology used in the switches has proven reliability in the marketplace for over 15 years powering ILLUMRA’s low power wireless control product line. The mechanism is powered by the motion of the user pressing the switch and is designed to operate maintenance-free for 20+ years.

ILLUMRA European style light switches are wireless and battery-free, delivering a no maintenance solution.


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Switches fit into standard switch boxes.

Product Information Downloads

  • Data Sheet Single & Dual Rocker
  • Data Sheet Euro Single & Dual Rocker
How To Install Illumra Switches
  • Installation Guide - Single and Dual Rocker
  • Installation Guide - Euro Single and Dual Rocker
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BTT-S1AWH comparison table